Сглобяване / Fitting


Сглобяване на рамката

Разработени са различни начини за сглобяване на рамката на патентованато топлоизолационно пано СОЛЕКСТРА™. Един от тях, e чрез алуминиева рамка от кух правоъгълен профил.

Стандартната рамка е правоъгълна и в зависимост от големината ѝ се изработва от различни размери профили. Mоже да бъде с различни цветове.

Официална патентна публикация – bit.ly/PatentHeatInsulation

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Pane assembly

This invention relates to a SOLEXTRA™ manufacturing method of an improved insulation frame applicable for glass windows and glass doors. For example, a conventional window, a glass wall in a building, and a door made of tempered glass.

An objective of the present invention is to provide a manufacturing method of the frame with an auxiliary frame covered the sides of a main frame made of aluminum through extrusion, and connected using an insulation material in a way which the said main frame is divided into two equal parts; a left and a right in order to improve insulation and appearance while providing ease of maintenance with outstanding corrosion resistance, and increasing an overall flexural strength of the frame by filling inside the said main frame with insulating filling.

In other words, the invention suggests a method which forms two holes on the top and bottom to allow a main frame made of aluminum through extrusion to be separated right and left, and a blocking plate slot inside one hole also filled in the said hole with insulation material to prevent heat transfer through the said main frame; and at the same time facilitates manufacturing by simply inserting and assembling an auxiliary frame between the sides of the said main frame.

Official patent publication can be seen here – bit.ly/PatentHeatInsulation

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