SureDrive Car

Патентована система SureDrive за активно предотвратяване катастрофите

Независимо от поредица от усъвършенствания, съвременният автомобил далеч не е безопасен на пътя. Основната причина за това е, че не са познати никакви технически решения в самите коли за активно предотвратяване на катастрофите. Модерните автомобили ползват различни технологии за защита на пътниците при катастрофи. Но те се задействат чак след инцидента и затова са много слабо ефективни.

Нашите шофьорни и безшофьорни коли с динамични балансиращи системи SureDrive преминаха редица пътни и извън пътни изпитания на електрозадвижвани безтрансмисионни колесни платформи, включително на лед и сняг. Вижте най-долното видео.

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SureDrive Car

Traffic safety devices in modern cars include a wide array of advanced technologies like ABS, ASP, ESP, Traction Control, Airbags and so forth. But all of the above follow the events post-factum – after the incident occurs, when is too late and the protections are inefficient.

The stable travelling at turns is important for both safely and comfort driving. Steady and secure turning control has been achieved by compensating for the inertia centrifugal force by the horizontal shifting gravity center of car to center of turn according to number of patent pending solutions called Automatic Dynamic Balance System (SureDrive).

The undesirable inertia (the centrifugal force) always “pushes” the car to the outer tangent of the corner. If the car pushed by the inertia goes out of the way – it is the incident that is often the end of a crash.

Our goals are not only to manufacture the safest car but not to be more expensive than comparable cars and to be faster than both on a dry and slippery road.

SureDrive steering system in real time varies center of car gravity depending on inertia in turn. The conventional vehicles counteract the inertia / centrifugal force in the curves only by the grip / traction / friction of the wheels with the road.

In addition SureDrive moves the center of car gravity to the center of the curve and stays at any point in its trajectory along the entire curve of the turn. SureDrive counter act the car inertia by own car weight. It has an incomparably greater physical role in balancing inertia than relying on wheel grip only.

The horizontal shift occurs at the beginning of the turn, even on the place. That is why the comfort of the passengers is much better. No any new driving skills are required.

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